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At Hanna & Saucedo, LLP, we understand that in today’s political climate, your citizenship status is virtually your identity. Failure to stay current on any required filings can be cause for removal and an entire upheaval of your life. We understand that no two paths to citizenship are ever the same and will focus on the details of your case to ensure we are obtaining the desired result as efficiently as possible. We work around the clock to ensure we are up to date with the most current laws that are ever-changing to make certain that you and your dignity are protected.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Citizenship through Naturalization – If you are a permanent legal resident, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship status by taking an oral and written exam. We will guide you through this process and provide you with the tools necessary to succeed.

Citizenship through Spouses and/ or Parents – If you have either a spouse or parents who are legal citizens in the United States, they may be able to sponsor you to become a citizen. The K-1 visa, which gained its notoriety from the TLC show, “90 Day Fiancé” is just one example of these types of arrangements. Contact us to determine which, if any, option best suits you.

Citizenship for Military Personnel and Family Members – We love and support our troops. Jesus M. Saucedo is all too familiar with the sacrifices our troops and their families make for all of us on a daily basis. We are not the only ones who recognize this, as such, expedited and special procedures are available for military personnel and their families.

Permanent Residency

If your family member is a U.S. Citizen and sponsors you, you will likely be eligible to gain permanent residency status. This will allow you to legally reside in the United States until such a time that your status is changed, or you become a citizen yourself.

Work Visas and Permits

If you are legally in the United States, you will likely need to apply for a separate visa or permit to be able to work. There are several types of work visas and permits available, please contact us to determine which option you qualify for.

Deportation Proceedings

If you are facing deportation proceedings, whether related to failure to maintain up-to-date legal status or criminal proceedings, please do not delay in contacting us. The attorneys at Hanna & Saucedo are well-versed in both defending criminal defendants and the implications that criminal proceedings may have on your citizenship status. As you are likely aware, this is a time-sensitive issue and every minute and action may affect the outcome of your case and your ability to remain in the United States, or possibly, return.


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